Your Guide to Reselling Event Tickets

Maximizing Your Ticket Investment: A Guide to Ticket Resale

Unable to Attend? Consider Ticket Resale!

If you’ve purchased tickets for an event but find yourself unable to attend, whether it’s a concert, sporting event, or something else, don’t fret! Ticket resale could help you recoup your costs or even make a profit.

Understanding Ticket Resale:

What is Ticket Resale?

Ticket resale involves selling admission tickets to events that you’ve purchased but can’t use. These tickets are bought from licensed sellers and then resold by the owner at a price of their choosing.

Differentiating Ticket Resale from Brokering and Scalping:

Ticket Brokering vs. Scalping

While ticket brokering entails purchasing tickets in bulk from licensed sellers and reselling them at a markup, ticket scalping involves the unfair use of bots to buy tickets in bulk and resell them at inflated prices.

Legal Considerations:

Is Ticket Scalping Illegal?

While federal laws don’t prohibit ticket scalping, 15 states have enacted regulations against it, with penalties including fines and jail time.

Preventing Scalping:

Strategies to Combat Scalping

Ticketing platforms implement various measures like limiting ticket purchases per person, using CAPTCHAs to deter bots, and requiring account creation to prevent scalping.

Effective Ticket Resale:

Choosing the Right Marketplace

Determine your online ticket marketplace based on factors like event type, audience base, fees, and payment methods. Popular platforms include Ticketmaster, StubHub, TicketNetwork, and Vivid Seats.

Ensuring Security:

Safe Ticket Resale Practices

Always buy and sell tickets on reputable platforms like Sickening events to avoid fake tickets. Most reputable platforms resell tickets purchased from official sources and offer buyer protection guarantees.

Financial Considerations:

Understanding Fees and Payment Methods

Pay attention to fees and payment methods when reselling tickets. Consider factors like payment timeline and associated fees to maximize your earnings.


Listing Tickets on Multiple Platforms

While possible, listing tickets on multiple platforms increases the risk of double-selling, potentially resulting in financial loss.

Choosing the Best Resale Platform

Opt for reputable online ticket resale marketplaces to ensure a smooth transaction and avoid financial loss.

Legal Status of Ticket Scalping

Ticket scalping legality varies by state, with some states prohibiting or regulating the practice.

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