How to Write an Event Description that Boosts Sales

Crafting an enticing event description is crucial for driving ticket sales and creating a memorable experience for attendees. Whether it’s on your ticketing page, website, or social media, follow these six best practices to ensure your event description stands out:

  1. Be Specific:
  2. Provide essential information such as event dates, start and end times, location (or virtual streaming details), notable guests, agenda, refund policy, age restrictions, dress code, and bad weather protocol. Answer the who, what, when, where, and why questions.
  3. Get People Excited:
  4. Highlight your event’s unique value proposition. Answer the “so what” question for potential attendees, explaining why it’s worth their time and money. Let your personality shine through, and use high-quality photos and videos from previous events to build anticipation.
  5. Sprinkle in Social Proof:
  6. Boost your event’s appeal with social proof. Mention past sell-out successes, highlight accomplishments of notable guests, share estimated attendance numbers, and showcase event sponsors. Incorporate testimonials from past attendees or speakers to build credibility.
  7. Ensure it’s SEO-Friendly:
  8. Incorporate relevant keywords related to your event’s location, topic, and year to enhance SEO. Adapt your event description for different platforms, using variations to suit each one.
  9. Make it Easy to Read:
  10. Structure your description for easy readability. Use concise paragraphs, headers, and bulleted or numbered lists to facilitate skimming, especially for mobile users. Adjust the length based on the platform, with more detail on your website and ticketing page.
  11. Mold Your Description to the Platform:
  12. Tailor your description for different platforms, considering the ideal length for each. Keep your ticketing page detailed, your website more in-depth, and social media brief, directing readers to your website or ticketing page for more information.

Event Description Examples:

Example #1: Music Festival

Join us for the 25th RhythmFest Unleashed on July 8-9 at Owens Park, Winston-Salem, NC! Immerse yourself in a weekend of jazz with headliners Matt Blonk, The Walker Sisters, and Nina Fulton. Children 12 & under are free! No refunds, rain or shine.

Example #2: Farm

Experience fall at Wildwood Farmstead in Iowa City, IA, with an 8-acre corn maze, slides, petting zoo, and more. Enjoy homemade apple cider and pick your own apples or pumpkins! Check our website for inclement weather updates.

Example #3: Fundraising Gala

Join us on February 27th at The Embers, Albany, NY, for a gala supporting Recovery Society. Enjoy dinner, live music by Ireland Summers, and a silent auction. Business casual attire. All proceeds benefit Recovery Society, Inc. Visit our website to donate and learn more.

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