How to Increase Ticket Sales by Using Sickening Events Unique Tracking Links

Embrace Unique Tracking Links with Sickening Events

At Sickening Events, our global community of creators is celebrated for delivering unforgettable experiences and crafting innovative, inspiring, and community-driven events. We understand the immense effort involved in planning, running, and marketing these events. Every small detail can enhance the customer experience and drive audience growth.

To improve your marketing strategy, increase your visibility on our platform, and ultimately boost ticket sales, you need to get comfortable with data analytics—and that means embracing tracking links. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it.

Why Unique Tracking Links Are Your New Best Friend

Unique tracking links allow you to trace an attendee’s journey back to where they started—like Hansel and Gretel (minus the witch). By using them, you’ll know which of your marketing efforts—whether it’s a paid social campaign or an email to your subscribers—drove users to take an action, such as visiting your event page or purchasing a ticket. Clever, right?

This insight lets you see which of your efforts are most effective, helping you decide where to invest more of your valuable time and money going forward.

How to Use Tracking Links

We’ve made it super easy for organizers to share their unique event listing links straight from their event dashboards. The whole process takes seconds to complete, giving you more time to focus on other important elements of your event.

Find your unique link on your Event Dashboard (see the photo below). The link will automatically include a tracking code, so you can simply copy it and share! Want to customize your URL? Go ahead—the tracking code will still work.

If you’re hosting multiple events, you can easily access your URLs from the drop-down menu in the events dashboard. That’s one less tab you need to keep open in the lead-up to your event—phew!

Dig Deeper with Tracking Links

Ready to take your tracking links to the next level and understand the impact of each specific marketing channel? You can create as many unique links as you want with our Tracking Links tool.

In fact, tracking links with unique URLs can be shared for each marketing effort linked to your event, from email campaigns to platform-specific social media posts—you can even include unique tracking links in your email signature.

To find the Tracking Links tool, log into your Sickening Events account, head over to your Event Dashboard, then go to “Tracking Links” (under “Marketing”). Watch our handy video here.

Enter the name you’d like for your tracking link. (Tip: use something that makes it easy to distinguish which type of marketing campaign it’s for.)

Click Create, and your tracking link will appear with information on page views, tickets purchased, and overall sales. Note that if you duplicate your event, your tracking link will copy over too.

Sales are reported immediately for each tracking link, but views sometimes take a few hours to update. This is why some links may show sales but no views.

Want to see which links are generating views and sales? Return to the tracking links tool to view the dashboard—and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all of your efforts.

Time to Crunch Those Numbers

Does the thought of data analysis sound confusing and time-consuming? Well, the good news is, it really isn’t.

Our Traffic and Conversion Report, found on your Event Dashboard, is a goldmine of information at your fingertips. Use it to monitor visits to your event page and discover which channels are driving the most ticket sales.

The Traffic and Conversion Report also highlights what your marketing efforts are achieving for your business, alongside data showing how Sickening Events’ promotional activities are driving views and sales to your page.

When using unique tracking links, you can see a visual breakdown of how each of your marketing campaigns (emails, social media, etc.) are performing in terms of page views and sales. This information is invaluable for future marketing strategies, potentially helping you save on marketing spend down the line.

Ready to Start?

With Sickening Events, you’re equipped with powerful tools and insights to elevate your event marketing. Create your event page, share those tracking links, and watch as your data reveals the path to even greater success. Happy planning!

What Our Creators Say About the Benefits of Tracking Links

At Sickening Events, we pride ourselves on empowering creators to elevate their event experiences through innovative tools and insights. One such tool, our robust Traffic and Conversion Report, has proven invaluable to creators like Selma Studer, the founder of GONG, an immersive sound bath experience based in London.

Since joining Sickening Events in May 2021, Selma has witnessed remarkable growth in her GONG events, both in-person and virtual, with consistent sold-out sessions. She attributes much of this success to Sickening Events, which has not only expanded GONG’s follower base on our platform but also significantly boosted ticket sales. In fact, 20% of GONG’s sales originate from Sickening Events’ discovery channels.

Understanding Marketing Insights

Selma utilizes our Traffic and Conversion Report to delve into GONG’s marketing insights, enabling her to distinguish between traffic and sales generated directly through GONG’s promotional efforts and those facilitated by Sickening Events. According to Selma, “For these, 70% of traffic comes from Sickening Events, and 30% is direct.”

This distinction is particularly crucial for GONG’s virtual events, which have garnered increasing interest from a growing audience, initially discovering them through Sickening Events’ platform.

Impact of Tracking Links

Tracking links provided by Sickening Events have played a pivotal role in Selma’s strategy. These unique URLs allow her to trace attendee journeys and identify the most effective marketing channels driving ticket sales. By leveraging these insights, Selma optimizes her marketing efforts, directing resources towards channels that yield the highest return on investment.

Navigating Success with Sickening Events

Selma’s experience exemplifies the power of data-driven decision-making facilitated by Sickening Events’ tools. The ability to analyze traffic sources and conversion rates empowers creators like her to refine their strategies continually. This not only enhances event visibility but also maximizes ticket sales and audience engagement.

Harnessing Insights for Growth

With Sickening Events’ Traffic and Conversion Report, creators gain access to a wealth of actionable data. They can monitor event page visits, evaluate marketing campaign performance, and assess the impact of promotional activities conducted through Sickening Events. This comprehensive understanding enables creators to adapt and innovate, ensuring sustained growth and success in an ever-evolving event landscape.

Looking Ahead

As Sickening Events continues to empower creators with cutting-edge tools and insights, we remain committed to supporting their journey towards creating impactful and memorable events. Selma Studer’s story is just one example of how our platform empowers creators to reach new heights in event planning and management.

Join Sickening Events Today

If you’re ready to take your events to the next level, join Sickening Events today and discover how our tools, including unique tracking links and comprehensive analytics, can transform your event planning experience. Start creating, start tracking, and start thriving with Sickening Events. Together, let’s redefine event excellence.

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