How to Host a Wicked Virtual Halloween Event

Ghosts and goblins don’t have to get together in person to have a little Halloween fun. Hosting a virtual Halloween event brings together groups from different locations to celebrate this spooky season.

These events are perfect for professional groups and organizations aiming to engage remote teams in thrilling team-building activities, regardless of geographic location.

But virtual Halloween events aren’t just for remote team members; they offer exciting possibilities for various groups and individuals. Digital nomads can connect and celebrate Halloween with fellow nomads, fostering a sense of community despite their worldwide travels. Families separated by distance can also unite for a virtual Halloween gathering. Moreover, online events for kids provide convenience and safety, offering a joyful Halloween experience.

Here are some tips on hosting a successful virtual Halloween event.

Why a Virtual Halloween Event?

A virtual Halloween party is any Halloween-themed celebration taking place in an online setting. These events typically occur synchronously, allowing attendees to connect over the web using live-streaming technology.

Virtual events for Halloween deliver several key benefits. They don’t require a venue, making them a budget-friendly option. Remote Halloween activities are conducive to wide participation since you won’t have to deal with capacity restrictions. Even more, you can invite attendees from across the US — or across the globe — when you host a virtual Halloween event.

How Do You Celebrate Halloween Remotely?

Hosting virtual events for Halloween requires almost the same level of planning and organization as an in-person event. For a smooth event, ensure you have the tech you need. Focus on marketing, ticket sales, and engaging activities for your guests. Our Sickening Events tools make these steps super easy.

Here are some tips for throwing a successful virtual Halloween event:

Understand What Your Attendees Want

Virtual Halloween party attendees seek a thrilling escape and lots of fun. This spooky season provides the perfect opportunity to deliver both! Consider the expectations and preferences of your attendees and tailor the experience to meet their unique needs.

Here are some of the expected target audience groups who’d be interested in online Halloween events:

  • Remote Teams: Remote workers can bond through virtual Halloween events, enhancing team spirit.
  • Digital Nomads: Location-independent individuals can connect and celebrate with fellow nomads, fostering a sense of community.
  • Global Families: Families scattered worldwide can come together for a virtual Halloween gathering, sharing memorable moments despite the distance.
  • Kids: Online events offer convenience and safety, letting them enjoy the Halloween experience under supervision.

Virtual events are still very popular, so anticipate a growing and diverse audience searching for a spooky and entertaining celebration from the comfort of their homes.

Choose a Reliable Platform

The perfect video hosting platform depends on the type of event you’ll be throwing. For a webinar on the Salem witch trials or a “candy and wine pairing” happy hour, you might prefer Zoom to control audience participation seamlessly. For a live-streamed horror flick event, consider Vimeo, where you can send out a password for your stream along with your tickets. If neither of those platforms seems fitting, check out our article on choosing the right hosting platform and discover the best option for your event.

Focus on the Tech Side for a Smooth Livestream

Tech-savvy content creators don’t need much equipment to create a killer online event if it’s on a small scale. They can simply plug their laptop into their router for a faster connection than Wi-Fi and ensure their microphone uses its optimum settings. Get help from our handy guide to start hosting a high-quality live stream if you’re doing this on your own.

However, irrespective of your technical skills, we suggest hiring a virtual streaming agency to act as a day-of coordinator for medium to large-scale events. They’ll help the event flow smoothly and resolve any issues that might arise, leaving you free to focus on other essential event logistics.

Make Your Virtual Halloween Party Safe

While virtual events may not carry the same safety concerns as in-person gatherings, cybersecurity remains paramount. Safety is especially crucial for event creators during virtual Halloween events where attendees may be masked and costumed. Here’s what you can do to minimize the risk:

  • Use strong, unique passwords for your virtual event
  • Set clear guidelines for both attendees and event personnel
  • Be prepared to monitor interactions during the event

Pro Tip: Activate the highest security features on your virtual meeting platform to ensure the safety of all participants. Additionally, remind attendees to remain cautious about sharing personal information, especially during Halloween events where costumes and masks are prevalent.

Host an Inclusive Event

Inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility aren’t just buzzwords. They’re requirements for modern events. But meeting today’s standards of inclusivity doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Consider adding closed captioning to any creepy videos you might show, include trigger warnings, and use inclusive language in promotions and on the day of the event. Halloween is great for this. After all, “ghouls and goblins” is a gender-neutral greeting!

Pro Tip: Promote inclusivity by describing the accessibility features of your event clearly. Providing accessibility information lets attendees know what to expect and ensures a more welcoming experience.

You can also get inspiration from events like Atlas Obscura’s Halloween history event and offer sliding scale or donation ticket pricing so trick-or-treaters of all income levels can attend.

Take Some Tips from the Pros

Virtual events are here to stay. Rely on advice from the pros as you plan your Halloween-themed virtual events. The CEO of Daybreaker became an expert in livestream technology through trial and error. Murray’s Cheese in NYC learned how to make its cheese tastings work remotely, and Renegade Craft Fair succeeded in making its first virtual fair even more interactive than its in-person events.

With all that work already done, your event doesn’t have to be a guinea pig. Frankenstein these tried-and-true tips together to host an engaging virtual event.

Make It Festive with Halloween-Themed Merch

Sending your attendees participatory items or add-on kits, such as Halloween decorations, candy, or costume accessories, can help everyone feel like they’re part of the action, even if you’re far apart. You can include these goodies with your ticket prices, list them as an add-on, or send them as complimentary treats.

For instance, when someone buys a ticket to the popular morning dance party Daybreaker LIVE, they’re often sent a “mischief kit” the week before. These kits encourage attendees to get creative with themed craft DIYs and makeup tutorials that start the party early.

Thinking even bigger? Get inspiration from events like the global virtual Halloween 7in7, where people run marathons in their favorite costumes and earn medals shipped to them irrespective of where they live (as long as they foot the bill)! Notice how they clearly lay out all the instructions so there’s no ambiguity.

The best part? Including physical add-ons with your virtual event adds to your bottom line.

Market Your Event to Attract Attendees

You don’t need a long-term marketing plan to throw a successfully spooky online Halloween event. In fact, launching your marketing campaign in the week leading up to the event sells more tickets.

If you’re selling tickets on Sickening Events , our built-in marketing tools (like email campaigns, social media connectivity, and website-embedded checkouts) help you get the word out fast.

ORLOVE, an event production company, witnessed a 20% boost in deliverability by utilizing Sickening Events email platform for its dedicated email blasts. ORLOVE’s founder and CEO, Matt Orlove, is impressed with Eventbrite’s audience targeting feature, which is powered by Eventbrite’s exclusive data.

Get Feedback from Your Attendees

It’s the morning after Halloween, but it’s not time to move on just yet. Getting feedback on an event is like receiving free business advice from the people who matter most: Your attendees!

Send out a brief and efficient survey right after the event and ask what they loved, what they’d change, and what they want next time. Not only will feedback help you better understand their event experiences, but you’ll also get insider knowledge you can use on your next virtual event.

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas and Activities

Virtual Halloween parties let you offer multiple activities during the event, so you’ll be sure to please all your attendees. Consider mixing and matching online Halloween activity ideas to create a customized event that your attendees will love.

  1. Use Virtual Backgrounds: Turn that drab virtual background into something downright spooky. Encourage your participants to choose their scariest virtual background for the event. You can even make this activity a competition, with an award for the spookiest virtual background.

By incorporating these strategies and tools, your virtual Halloween event can be a thrilling and memorable experience for all attendees.

2. Create a Spooky Playlist

What’s a party without music? Your virtual Halloween party calls for a playlist that suits the frightful season. Fill your playlist with classic Halloween tunes like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” Mix in some eerie sounds such as cackling witches, rumbles of thunder, and blood-curdling screams to set the perfect spooky atmosphere.

3. Halloween-Themed Activities

A spellbinding array of eerie activities is essential to keep your audience involved and elevate your virtual Halloween event. These ideas are perfect for participants worldwide, whether it’s a corporate soirée, a community gathering, or any online event.

Pumpkin Decorating

Turn the classic pumpkin carving and decorating activity into an interactive and engaging experience. Invite a master carver or a talented artist to inspire participants as they create their ghoulish masterpieces. This activity is fun for everyone, no matter where they are joining from.

Drink and Candy Pairing

Host a virtual drink and candy pairing event and guide participants on choosing the perfect beverages to complement various candies. Add a trick-or-treat twist by encouraging attendees to propose unique pairings, which could result in a delightful treat or a playful trick. Let participants vote for their favorites and win rewards.

Mask Making

Organize a virtual mask-making workshop where participants can craft spooky or whimsical masks. Provide guidance on materials and techniques, enabling attendees to create unique masks from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Costume Contest

Encourage participants to infuse Halloween flair into their cultural attire. Recognize and reward the most creative, amusing, and spine-tingling outfits, regardless of where your attendees are.

4. Halloween-Themed Games for Adults

Party games work well in a virtual environment and encourage attendees to interact with each other. Spooky games can serve as perfect ice-breakers to kick off your party. Choose one activity as the focus of your virtual Halloween party or opt for a couple of games to keep things lively. Here are some creative online Halloween party ideas:

Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms require teamwork and problem-solving skills, making them ideal for colleagues. A Halloween-themed escape room can be a festive virtual party idea where attendees work through clues over a live stream to help solve the mystery and “escape.”

Virtual Murder Mystery

A virtual murder mystery brings suspense and thrill to your Halloween event. Elevate your gathering with an exciting game that keeps everyone engaged and entertained.

Virtual Haunted House Tour

Host a virtual haunted house tour by finding videos of a popular haunted house or taking guests on a live tour. This classic Halloween activity can be just as thrilling online.

Horror Movie Trivia

Test your attendees on their horror movie knowledge with a trivia game. Participants can divide into teams and answer questions about horror movies, with themed prizes for the winning team.

Virtual Ghost Stories

Read a spooky story to your guests or ask them to bring their favorites. You can even invite a local author to read their own ghost story, adding a unique touch to your event.

5. Virtual Halloween Activities for Kids

A virtual Halloween party is well suited for children, offering a variety of activities to keep them engaged. Here are some ghoulish kid-friendly activities for a fun and safe online Halloween party:

Halloween Costume Party

Host a costume party where each guest can show off their outfits. Offer prizes for the most creative costumes to ensure every child feels recognized and has a joyful experience.

Spooky Dance Party

Play your fun Halloween playlist and let kids dance to their favorite spooky tunes. A dance party keeps kids active and moving during a virtual event.

Stream a Scary Movie

Host a Halloween movie night with age-appropriate films. Let the kids chat about the movie over the live stream after it ends.

Blind Candy Tasting

Kids expect candy on Halloween! Start the season with a blind candy tasting game. With parents’ help, kids can try different candies and guess what they are without seeing them.

Halloween Crafts

Let kids create a Halloween craft together during the virtual party. Ensure each family has the necessary supplies beforehand. You can also offer craft kits for participants to pick up or order before the party.

Host a Memorable Virtual Halloween Event

Whether you’re uniting a remote team, organizing an event for digital nomads, or bringing together families across the globe, you hold the key to crafting a memorable and spine-tingling experience. Engage your participants with imaginative activities and thrilling virtual Halloween party ideas.

Learn more about our virtual events platform to guarantee your gathering is a spectacular success. With our tools, you can seamlessly launch, promote, and host your next online event.

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