How Sickening Events Defends Against Chargebacks

If you’ve organized events in the past, you’ve likely encountered a common challenge: chargebacks. Dealing with these can be time-consuming and frustrating, but fear not—Sickening Events is here to assist. Read on to discover everything you need to know about chargebacks, how Sickening Events works to win them for you, and strategies to mitigate them from the outset.

Understanding Chargebacks:

Chargebacks occur when a buyer disputes a charge directly with their credit card company. In the context of events, attendees may claim unauthorized purchases or dissatisfaction with the experience. These disputes can be filed up to four months after a transaction, covering various issues such as fraudulent activity, services not rendered, duplicate processing, credit not processed, and discrepancies in the description or quality of goods or services customization.

How Sickening Events Handles Chargebacks:

Sickening Events distinguishes itself by having a dedicated risk manager solely focused on managing the chargeback process. This professional addresses every chargeback, providing robust evidence to maximize the chances of winning each case. With a success rate exceeding industry averages, Sickening Events has successfully won over 50% of chargeback claims, ensuring your events are well-protected.

The chargeback process involves a 45 to 90-day timeframe from the initial claim to the funds being returned. After receiving a notice about a dispute, Sickening Events assesses the legitimacy of the claim. If it appears valid, the event organizer is notified, encouraging direct communication with the buyer. If the resolution isn’t reached, Sickening Events proceeds with disputing the chargeback, presenting evidence such as scan logs, timestamps, and event photos. The case remains open for approximately 45 days before a ruling.

Preventing Chargebacks:

WhileSickening Events actively manages chargebacks, event organizers can take proactive steps to prevent them:

  1. Refund Policy Agreement:
    • Have buyers sign your refund policy to provide clear evidence in case of disputes.
  1. Ticket Scanning:
    • Scan tickets at the gate to gather evidence of attendees entering the event.
  1. ID and Credit Card Verification:
    • ID and credit card verification are required to ensure ticket buyers‘ identities are correct.
  1. Onsite Monitoring:
    • Deploy staff to monitor for suspicious activity, reduce wait times, and detect scalping attempts.
  1. Close Online Sales Early:
    • Turn off online ticket sales 24 hours before the event to thwart last-minute fraud attempts.
  1. Review Large Orders:
    • Scrutinize large orders for signs of fraudulent activity, such as fake email addresses or billing addresses.
  1. Communication with Buyers:
    • Reach out to buyers with suspected fraudulent orders, offering refunds unless clarified within 48 hours.

Chargebacks may not be enjoyable, but with Sickening Event’s dedicated team on your side, you can focus on event planning and ticket sales. No other ticketing company fights as vigorously for you as Sickening Events does, ensuring your peace of mind and success in hosting remarkable events!

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