Breaking Barriers: Tips for More Diverse and Inclusive Event Planning

In our dynamic world of events and passionate event-goers, embracing diversity and inclusion through your event planning will help create extraordinary experiences for all your attendees. These two essential principles are key ingredients towards unlocking the full potential of your events and celebrating the richness of human differences. Eager to learn more? Let’s explore how to make events inclusive!

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) refers to the essential principles of fostering a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or characteristics. Put, diversity refers to the wide variety of people’s differences, including (but certainly not limited to!) race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and religion. As its closely linked yet distinct counterpart, inclusion emphasizes creating an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to participate fully without facing discrimination or prejudice.

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion in Your Event Planning

Setting Clear Goals

Consider setting clear goals in your event checklist related to D&I, like actively seeking out underrepresented communities or incorporating more inclusive event planning practices in various aspects of your event (e.g., speaker selection, marketing materials, venue choice).

Engaging Community Leaders

To help guide these efforts, engage with community leaders and advocates to understand specific groups so you can tailor your events to resonate authentically with their interests.

Establishing Event Sponsorships

Establishing event sponsorships with a diverse array of organizations helps connect us to a broader spectrum of voices, too.

Promoting Your Events with Diversity and Inclusion in Mind

Improving Marketing Materials

Feature individuals from different backgrounds on your promotional materials, website, and ticketing page to prioritize more representation in your imagery. This will help your event resonate with a wide range of attendees and better welcome diversity.

Colorblind-Friendly Materials

Create colorblind-friendly marketing materials by minimizing certain color combinations close together.


Offer your marketing materials in different languages and incorporate a brief written description to your images on your event’s website (known as image alt text) so visually impaired individuals using screen readers can comprehend your visuals and graphics.

Making Your Event’s Venue More Inclusive

Venue Selection

Confirm that your venue has accessibility options, making it easy for people with disabilities or mobility challenges to navigate your event space comfortably.

Food Options

If you’re serving food, ensure your menu has options for those with dietary restrictions and consider how your range of food options could cater to people of different cultural backgrounds.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at Your Event

Staff Training

Train your event staff on how to create an inclusive environment free from unconscious bias for all attendees.

Bilingual Support

Consider hiring bilingual staff or translators to assist attendees in their native language.

Engagement Activities

Organize fun activities that require attendees to work together in diverse teams to promote cross-cultural collaboration.

Improving Future Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Post-Event Surveys

Sending out a post-event survey to your attendees is a great idea to gauge the effectiveness of your D&I initiatives and gain insights for improvement.

In conclusion, embracing diversity and inclusion in event planning not only enriches the experience for all attendees but also fosters a sense of belonging and respect within our communities. By implementing inclusive practices at every stage of event planning and execution, we can create truly extraordinary experiences that celebrate the richness of human differences.

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