25 Creative Event Sponsorship Examples to Seal the Deal

Seeking sponsorships can be the linchpin for orchestrating an exceptional event. Why? Because sponsors not only enhance the experience for attendees but also amplify your event’s return on investment (ROI). The trend is promising: in 2023, 44% of corporate marketers upped their sponsorship spending.

However, waiting for sponsors to come to you isn’t a viable strategy. You need to take proactive steps to stand out. This comprehensive guide presents various event sponsorship examples to help you grasp the types of sponsorships utilized by successful event organizers, setting you on the path to success.

At Sickening Events, we’ve gleaned insights from countless savvy event organizers. Read on to discover how you can leverage sponsorships to elevate your events.

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What Companies Prioritize When Sponsoring an Event:

There are myriad reasons companies seek event sponsorship, ranging from cost reduction to bolstering top-line revenue. Sports sponsorship alone is projected to hit $19.8 billion in 2024. But the key question is: how do you attract sponsors?

When approaching sponsors, keep in mind their three primary objectives:

  1. Creating Awareness and Visibility
  2. Increasing Brand Loyalty
  3. Building Community and Public Relations

Companies are inclined to sponsor events if they perceive value in terms of advertising and other benefits. It’s your responsibility to demonstrate how your event aligns with their marketing objectives.

To optimize sponsorships at your next event, we’ve compiled a range of event sponsorship examples. These cover various sponsorship opportunities, from activities to refreshments and beyond. You can integrate these ideas into your event planning, marketing strategy, or sponsor pitches.

Start planning your next event on Sickening Events today.

Activity-Based Prizes

Looking for an immersive way to showcase sponsors to your attendees? Consider having sponsors offer engaging prizes, such as swag bags, tied to activities like a fitness challenge or a hashtag-driven selfie contest.

💡 Pro tip: To boost participation, consider turning the activity into a competition or a scavenger hunt that spans the event.

DIY Craft Area

Tap into your attendees’ creative side with a DIY craft area, perfect for family-friendly or community events. Provide options like paint-your-own ceramics or build-your-own terrariums, and encourage attendees to share their creations on social media to amplify sponsor reach.

💡 Pro tip: Utilize branded crafting supplies to involve sponsors and align with your event theme.

Play Area

Keep attendees entertained with a designated play area, ideal for family-friendly and community events. Giant games like Jenga or chess, along with a branded ball pit, offer a fun way for sponsors to gain exposure on social media.

💡 Pro tip: Ensure the play area is suitable for both kids and adults, emphasizing safety and supervision to attract families.

Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Elevate attendee engagement with VR/AR experiences, particularly effective for tech or hybrid events. These technologies allow sponsors to interact uniquely with attendees while offering an exciting opportunity for event organizers.

💡 Pro tip: Tailor VR experiences to match your event theme for maximum impact.

Branded Props

Create a photo-worthy setting complete with branded props, characters, and decorations, perfect for social or community events. Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media, amplifying sponsor visibility.

💡 Pro tip: Mix branded and non-branded props for a balanced and enjoyable photo opportunity.

TikTok Platform

Capitalizing on TikTok’s popularity, set up a designated area for attendees to create videos, ideal for social or community events. Hosting a TikTok spot encourages attendees to generate content, exponentially increasing event exposure.

💡 Pro tip: Consider offering professional videography as an upgrade for sponsorship packages to enhance content quality.

Food and Beverage Event Sponsorship Examples

Refreshments are a vital aspect of any event, offering sponsors an opportunity to engage attendees with snacks, drinks, and indulgences. Here are some ideas to involve sponsors in providing treats and hydration:


Indulge attendees with a coffee and doughnut corner or catered snacks, sponsored by a local bakery or corporate partner.

💡 Pro tip: Enhance sponsor visibility with branded disposable items like plates and napkins.

Water Station

Keep guests hydrated with a sponsored water station, featuring sustainable bottle options to promote environmental awareness.

💡 Pro tip: Offer variations like sparkling water or juice bars to elevate the experience.

Swag and Merch Event Sponsorship Examples

Swag bags are a tried-and-true sponsorship opportunity, offering sponsors direct exposure to attendees. Explore premium and digital options to enhance sponsorship value:

Premium Swag Bags

Customize swag bags with exclusive merchandise or high-end gifts, sponsored by various partners to add value to the attendee experience.

💡 Pro tip: Opt for unique and relevant items to differentiate from typical event swag.

Digital Swag Bags

For virtual or professional events, offer digital swag bags featuring free software, discounts, or extended trials, provided by multiple sponsors for added value.

💡 Pro tip: Collaborate with sponsors, vendors, or speakers to offer a diverse range of digital perks.

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