20 Tips and Sponsorship Letter Templates to Write Your Own

What is an Event Sponsorship Letter?

An event sponsorship letter serves as a formal invitation sent to a brand or company, requesting their sponsorship for an event.

This outreach tool enables event organizers to connect with potential sponsors, providing details about the event and outlining the benefits sponsors could gain from their involvement.

Typically, sponsorship letters aim to secure cash contributions, although other forms of sponsorship, such as in-kind donations, are also possible.

Why is Sponsorship Important for Events?

Event sponsorship plays a pivotal role in event profitability and success. By securing sponsorship, event organizers can offset costs, enhance revenue, and expand their event’s reach.

Sponsors provide tangible resources, such as food and beverages, and may cover event expenses like AV needs or rental fees.

Moreover, sponsorship aids in event marketing efforts, leveraging sponsors’ promotional channels to reach a broader audience and enhance brand recognition. Whether for virtual, in-person, or hybrid events, sponsorship opportunities can benefit events of any size, with larger events often attracting prominent sponsors.

How Should You Send a Sponsorship Letter?

When sending a sponsorship letter, various methods can be employed for outreach:

  1. LinkedIn Outreach: Utilize LinkedIn for professional networking and cold outreach to potential sponsors. Identify relevant contacts within target companies and connect with them before sending direct messages or emails.
  2. Email Outreach: Send sponsorship proposals via email to key decision-makers responsible for marketing and sponsorship within target organizations. Personalize emails to enhance engagement and improve response rates.
  3. Phone Outreach: Establish a more personalized connection by reaching out to potential sponsors via phone calls. While this method may require existing connections or prior interaction, it can be effective, particularly with older business owners who prefer phone communication.

Regardless of the outreach method chosen, thorough research and personalized communication are essential for maximizing the effectiveness of sponsorship outreach efforts.

Would you like to explore the sponsorship letter templates and examples to assist in crafting your outreach strategy?

What Your Event Can Offer Sponsors

Sponsorship of your event presents an opportunity for sponsors to benefit from the exposure and marketing generated by your event. Data indicates that event sponsorship is a primary income source for virtual events, with 23% of event organizers relying on it. In 2019, 77% of surveyed companies incorporated event sponsorship into their marketing strategy.

The partnership between event organizers and sponsors offers mutual benefits, with sponsors enjoying perks such as:

  1. On-site Benefits: Sponsors may receive prime booth locations, VIP tickets for staff, and prominent signage at the event venue, enhancing their visibility.
  2. Co-branding Opportunities: Sponsors can co-brand event materials, including graphics, marketing emails, and social media posts, maximizing their exposure.
  3. Post-event Follow-up: Event organizers can provide sponsors with attendee contact lists for future marketing efforts. However, it’s crucial to ensure attendees opt-in to share their information.

To enhance sponsorship outcomes, event organizers can offer various sponsorship packages tailored to sponsors’ budgets and preferences, thereby attracting a diverse range of sponsors.

Methods to Find Event Sponsors

Finding corporate sponsors for your event requires strategic planning and outreach. Here are effective methods to identify potential sponsors:

  1. Create a Wish List: Compile a list of ideal sponsors aligned with your event’s mission, values, and target audience. Consider how your event can help achieve sponsors’ business goals.
  2. Reach Out to Sponsors from Similar Events: Research sponsors from events similar to yours and reach out to them, highlighting your event’s relevance and potential benefits.
  3. Utilize Professional Networks: Leverage your professional network and industry contacts to identify potential sponsors. Personal introductions can facilitate engagement with target organizations.
  4. Align with Values: Ensure potential sponsors align with your event’s theme and brand reputation, avoiding partnerships with companies whose practices conflict with your event’s values.
  5. Utilize LinkedIn and Networking Events: Use LinkedIn to identify potential connections and expand your network. Joining local Chambers of Commerce can also facilitate networking opportunities.
  6. Create a Sponsorship Pitch Deck: Develop a comprehensive sponsorship pitch deck outlining audience demographics, event size, sponsorship packages, and expected reach. Attach the pitch deck to sponsorship outreach emails to provide detailed information to potential sponsors.

By employing these methods, event organizers can effectively identify and secure corporate sponsors to support their events and maximize sponsorship outcomes.

How to Use Your Sponsorship Pitch Deck

Your sponsorship pitch deck serves as a vital tool throughout your sponsorship outreach process. Here’s how you can effectively utilize it:

  1. First Contact: When reaching out to potential sponsors via email, keep your message brief and attach your sponsorship pitch deck for more detailed information. This provides a professional introduction and enables sponsors to learn more about your event if they’re interested.
  2. Follow-Up: After initial contact or conversation, use your pitch deck to reinforce the key points discussed. This serves as a reminder of the benefits of sponsoring your event and helps maintain engagement with potential sponsors.
  3. Internal Pitching: Your contact within the sponsor company may need to pitch the sponsorship opportunity to their colleagues or higher-ups. Your sponsorship pitch deck equips them with all the necessary information and talking points to present your event professionally and persuasively.

Tips for Writing a Sponsorship Letter for Events

Crafting an effective sponsorship letter is crucial for securing sponsors. Here are some tips to make your communication stand out:

  1. Define Goals: Clearly articulate the goals of your event and what you aim to achieve through sponsorship.
  2. Assess Needs: Determine what type of support you require from sponsors, whether it’s financial assistance, in-kind contributions, or partnerships.
  3. Compelling Subject Line: Capture the recipient’s attention with a subject line that provides context and entices them to open the email.
  4. Personalization: Tailor your letter to each recipient, referencing mutual connections or relevant achievements to establish rapport.
  5. Strong Opening: Start your letter with a compelling highlight about your event to grab the recipient’s interest immediately.
  6. Avoid Generic Openings: Avoid clichéd openings like “hope you’re doing well” and instead personalize your letter based on the recipient’s background or accomplishments.
  7. Highlight Connections: Mention any mutual connections or referrals to establish credibility and trust.
  8. Respect Time: Be concise and respectful of the recipient’s time, keeping your letter short and focused.
  9. Outline Benefits: Clearly outline the benefits sponsors will receive, emphasizing the value of the partnership.
  10. Clear Call to Action: Clearly state what action you expect from the recipient, whether it’s a response, meeting, or referral.

Free Event Sponsorship Letter Templates

Utilize these free templates to streamline your sponsorship outreach process:

  1. Cold Introduction: Use this template to introduce yourself and your event to potential sponsors.
  2. Follow-Up Email: Send this template after making a personal connection at a networking event to request further information.
  3. Meeting Request: Request a meeting with decision-makers at potential sponsor companies using this template.
  4. Sponsorship Request Letter: Send this template after a meeting to formally request sponsorship, providing a tailored proposal.

By incorporating these tips and templates into your sponsorship outreach strategy, you can enhance your chances of securing valuable sponsorships for your event.

Subject: Exciting News: Check Out Our Amazing Event Sponsors!

Hey there {{Attendee’s Name}},

As the {{Event Name}} draws near, we’re thrilled to unveil our stellar lineup of sponsors for this year’s extravaganza!

Get ready to indulge in extraordinary experiences, all thanks to our incredible sponsors:

  • {{Sponsored experience #1, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}
  • {{Sponsored experience #2, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}
  • {{Sponsored experience #3, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}

We can hardly contain our excitement for what’s in store at {{Event Name + Year}}! Head over to our website to explore the complete roster of sponsors joining us this year.

Warm regards,

{{Event Name}} Team

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Subject: Reflecting on Our Success Together: Your Event Sponsorship Recap

Hello {{Contact’s Name}},

A heartfelt thank you from all of us at {{Event Name}} for your invaluable sponsorship support this year! Your contribution truly made a significant impact, and we couldn’t have pulled off such a remarkable event without you.

Attached, please find our comprehensive fulfillment report tailored specifically for {{Company Name}}. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Detailed attendance metrics highlighting demographics and engagement levels
  • On-site statistics, including the success of in-person activations
  • Off-site insights, including social media traction and engagement

We’re eager to discuss the report with you and hear your thoughts on the outcomes. When would be a convenient time for you to connect next week?

P.S. Looking forward to exploring future collaboration opportunities and continuing our successful partnership! Let’s chat soon.

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