17 Thanksgiving Fundraiser Ideas That Celebrate With Gratitude

Thanksgiving Fundraiser Ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to blend gratitude with giving back to the community. Here are some inspired ideas and steps for organizing successful Thanksgiving fundraising events:

How to Throw a Thanksgiving Fundraiser

  1. Decide the Nature of Your Event:
    • Define the purpose and style of your event, considering your target audience, location, and local weather to set the tone.
  2. Time Your Event Right:
  3. Determine Your Budget:
    • Estimate expenses for food, venue, entertainment, decorations, and promotion, and allocate funds for unexpected costs.
  4. Plan Donation Collection:
    • Decide whether you’ll collect supplies, food, clothing, or monetary contributions based on your event’s nature.
  5. Create an Event Schedule:
    • List tasks, create a timeline, and finalize the event agenda. Timing is crucial for effective marketing and promotion.
  6. Brand Your Event:
    • Use branding to communicate your event’s purpose and attract your target audience. Inspirational videos can convey your message and tie branding to the event’s theme.
  7. Secure Guests and Performers:
    • Select performers and special guests that align with your event’s theme and demographic. Contact them well in advance for availability and rehearsal coordination.
  8. Prepare Ticket Sales:
    • Determine your ticketing strategy. Use Sickening Events options like donation tickets and free tickets with merchandise add-ons to support your cause.
  9. Focus on Promotion:
    • Use online and offline channels, including fundraising pages, flyers, social media, and email campaigns, to attract guests and donors.
  10. Follow-Up After the Event:
    • Show gratitude by sending thank-you notes and updating guests on the impact of their contributions. Gather feedback to improve future events.

Traditional Thanksgiving Fundraising Ideas

  1. Donate Proceeds to Charity:
    • Partner with a charity that aligns with your brand values. Highlight the charity during your event and consider designing the entire event around supporting it. Sickening Events’ Event Payment System can facilitate easy fund collection.
  2. Host a Bake Sale with Thanksgiving-Themed Treats:
    • Offer traditional and creatively themed baked goods. Include savory options to cater to a broader audience. Collaborate with local bakers and set up an online pre-order system to manage inventory and create anticipation.
  3. Organize a Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Fundraiser:
    • Create unique elements like themed dinners or exclusive dishes. Partner with local vendors or farms to add a special touch. Use Sickening Events to collect donations and share stories to inspire generosity.
  4. Provide Discount Codes:
    • Offer discounts to specific groups or create limited-time offers to boost ticket sales. Use Sickening Events discount codes to manage tickets and charity recipients.
  5. Collaborate with Local Businesses:
    • Work with sponsors to host a free or subsidized Thanksgiving dinner. Consider offering additional chargeable menu items to raise funds while maintaining flexibility.
  6. Collect Donations with a Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway:
    • Organize a dinner giveaway, requiring RSVPs to manage capacity. Consider a pay-what-you-can option to make the event accessible while raising funds.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

  1. Virtual Cooking Classes:
    • Host online cooking classes featuring Thanksgiving recipes. Charge a participation fee or ask for donations.
  2. Online Auctions:
    • Organize virtual auctions with donated items or services. Use platforms like Sickening Events for bidding and payment processing.
  3. Thanksgiving-Themed Webinars:
    • Host webinars on topics like gratitude, cooking tips, or holiday crafts. Charge a fee or request donations.
  4. Virtual Talent Show:
    • Encourage participants to showcase their talents online. Charge entry fees and offer voting opportunities for additional donations.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

  1. Thanksgiving Fun Run:
    • Organize a themed fun run or walk, encouraging participants to dress in Thanksgiving attire. Charge registration fees and collect donations.
  2. Craft Fairs:
    • Host a craft fair featuring local artisans and Thanksgiving-themed items. Charge entry fees and donate a portion of sales.
  3. Photo Contests:
    • Hold a Thanksgiving photo contest with categories like best-dressed turkey or most creative table setting. Charge entry fees and offer prizes.
  4. Interactive Storytelling Sessions:
    • Arrange virtual storytelling sessions for children, featuring Thanksgiving tales. Request donations for participation.

Giving Back Ideas

  1. Community Service Projects:
    • Organize volunteer opportunities, such as food drives or community clean-ups. Encourage participants to donate while volunteering.
  2. Gratitude Walls:
    • Create physical or virtual gratitude walls where people can share what they’re thankful for. Suggest donations in honor of shared messages.
  3. Thanksgiving Card Drives:
    • Collect and distribute Thanksgiving cards to nursing homes or hospitals. Request donations to cover supplies and postage.

Combining gratitude and festivity, Thanksgiving fundraising events offer a unique opportunity to support nonprofit organizations while celebrating the holiday spirit. By following these ideas and steps, you can create impactful events that leave a positive mark on your community and cause.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Thanksgiving

When your target audience is globally distributed, such as digital nomad communities or remote teams, virtual events are an excellent way to engage participants and raise funds. Here are some creative virtual fundraising ideas to consider for a successful and engaging Thanksgiving campaign:

1. Host a Silent Auction or Raffle with Thanksgiving-themed prizes

  • Concept: Collect donated items for a silent auction or raffle, themed around Thanksgiving.
  • Implementation: Use an online platform to display items and facilitate bidding or ticket purchases.
  • Promotion: Highlight specific causes or charities benefiting from the event to inspire participation.
  • Example: Ruff Start Rescue’s online auction or James E. Stewart Lodge 49’s Charity Basket of Cheer raffle.

2. Virtual Talent Show or Open Mic Night

  • Concept: Organize a virtual talent show or open mic night with a Thanksgiving theme.
  • Engagement: Encourage diverse talents (singing, dancing, comedy, storytelling) to create a captivating lineup.
  • Audience Interaction: Allow audience voting through online polling or donations to enhance engagement.
  • Donation Tiers: Offer different donation levels with perks like exclusive content or personalized shoutouts.
  • Promotion: Utilize Sickening Events marketing platform for social media and email marketing to reach a broader audience.

3. Thanksgiving Fitness or Circuit Training Session

  • Concept: Host a virtual fitness or circuit training session to promote a healthy start to Thanksgiving.
  • Audience: Target fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.
  • Inclusivity: Design the program for all fitness levels to ensure broad participation.
  • Registration: Set a minimum donation limit for registration to encourage contributions.

4. Virtual Cooking or Baking Class

  • Concept: Plan a Thanksgiving-themed cooking or baking class.
  • Preparation: Send out ingredient lists or materials in advance to participants.
  • Example: Pursuit of Balance Non-Profit’s virtual baking class for making homemade pie crusts.
  • Promotion: Use Sickening Event to facilitate ticket sales and donations, and promote the event on social media and through email campaigns.

5. Virtual Trivia Night

  • Concept: Host a Thanksgiving-themed trivia night.
  • Engagement: Encourage team participation to foster a sense of community.
  • Donations: Charge an entry fee or suggest donations for participation.
  • Prizes: Offer Thanksgiving-themed prizes for winners to incentivize participation.

6. Online Concert or Music Event

  • Concept: Organize a virtual concert or music event with a lineup of artists.
  • Engagement: Allow attendees to request songs or interact with performers through donations.
  • Promotion: Promote the event widely on social media and use email marketing to reach a broad audience.

7. Virtual Craft Workshop

  • Concept: Host a Thanksgiving-themed craft workshop.
  • Preparation: Send a list of necessary materials or offer kits for purchase in advance.
  • Engagement: Include interactive elements where participants can showcase their creations.
  • Donations: Charge a participation fee or encourage donations during the event.

8. Virtual Movie Night

  • Concept: Stream a Thanksgiving-themed movie or a series of short films.
  • Engagement: Include a live chat for viewers to interact and discuss the films.
  • Donations: Charge an entry fee or suggest donations, and consider offering themed merchandise for additional fundraising.

Tips for Successful Virtual Fundraising

  1. Utilize Online Platforms:
    • Use platforms like Sickening Events for ticket sales, donations, and event management.
    • Employ video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet) for live interactions.
  2. Promote Widely:
    • Leverage social media, email newsletters, and your website to promote events.
    • Collaborate with influencers or partners to broaden your reach.
  3. Engage Participants:
    • Incorporate interactive elements like live polls, Q&A sessions, or chat features.
    • Offer incentives such as exclusive content, shoutouts, or themed merchandise.
  4. Follow-Up:
    • Send thank-you emails to participants and donors.
    • Share the impact of their contributions and gather feedback for future events.

By implementing these virtual fundraising ideas, you can engage a global audience and create a memorable and impactful Thanksgiving campaign. Utilize Sickening Events tools to streamline the process and maximize the success of your fundraising efforts.

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