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Join the revolution in event management with Sickening Events - the world's only LGBT-owned* event management and ticketing platform!

   up to 85% savings over eventbrite + others
  Private-label platform branding
  unlimited enterprise features
  zero marketing fees
  same day payouts

Sickening Events

Ticketing that's truly about you

It's Your Brand

100% your brand from site, to tickets, to app. Easy to use, feature-rich platform to create custom websites for each event on your URL. 
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It's Your Money

Make and keep more revenue with customizable service fees, zero setup fee, custom payout schedules, and lower processing fees. Even save thousands when switching from other platforms. 
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It's Your Data

You own all data collected by your event. We do not resell or remarket to your client list. EVER.  Other platforms legally own and use your customer data without your consent, making millions in the process.   
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It's Your Team

Comprehensive training and custom, dedicated account/support rep to help make your events run like clockwork. Available via text or call, every day. 
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yep - it does that too

Event ticketing & registration solutions customized to fit your every need.

Run Virtual Events with Ease

Our advanced ticketing technology allows you to sell tickets to content-gated virtual events effortlessly. Stream live or prerecorded content from any platform you choose, as you would typically do. This makes it easier for you to host virtual events while still providing a seamless ticketing experience for your attendees.
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Customizable Interactive Seat Selection

Create a unique and personalized experience for your attendees with our customizable interactive charts. Our platform offers various seating options, including tables, pods, and more, in any indoor and outdoor venue. You can easily tailor the seating chart according to your needs and preferences, making your event stand out.
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Effortless Ticket Upgrades and Transfers

Reduce staff time and maximize revenue with our ticket transfer and upgrade features. Our platform allows attendees to swap, upgrade, or downgrade their tickets, giving them more flexibility while saving you time and effort. You can also decide on the specific options available to your attendees.
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Multi-Day and Season Passes

Our multi-day and season pass makes it easier for attendees to access your event with just a single ticket. With this feature, they can attend your event on multiple days or access multiple entry points without effort. This provides convenience for your attendees while streamlining the ticketing process for you.
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Series and Timed Entry

Control crowd flow and increase revenue with our series and timed entry features. You can set time slots with unique capacities and pricing, allowing you to manage the number of attendees at your event dynamically. This helps you maximize your revenue potential while providing a better experience for your attendees.
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Data Ownership Guaranteed

At Sickening Events, we value your data and guarantee its ownership. You own all data collected by your event, and we do not resell or remarket to your client list. EVER. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with us.
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CORE FEATURES Sickening Events Sickening Events
White Labeled Platform, Your brand and no one else's
Seating & Venue Maps
One Page Checkout 
App Based Check-in
Multi-Day Tickets / Season Passes 
Mobile On-Site Sales 
Advanced Schedule Options
Events Comparison Reporting
Ticket Bundles
Customizable Service Fees & Line Item Fees
Marketing & Reporting
Integrated with NIGHTOUT Marketplace
In-Platform Marketing 
Group Discounts
Unlimited Promoter Dashboard & Affiliate Tracking 
Live Everyday Text/Call Support
Event Build Out and Consulting Service 
Device Rentals Available
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Didn't see a feature listed above or have a question about the platform? Odds are it's been answered.

Definitely! In addition to selling tickets, you can sell merchandise, pre-paid food & beverages, or really anything else. You have the option of issuing a QR code for each non-ticketed item too so you can control the redemption process.  

There are multiple ways to incorporate sponsorships throughout the ticketing process. Sponsors can be highlighted on the event details and tickets page. You can also add sponsorship advertisements on both the PDF and mobile tickets. We even let you add sponsorship banners ads to our hosted virtual event pages.  

Sure can! We have a fully mobile box office complete with chip/card readers and ticket printers. We even have kiosk mode for both onsite sales and check-in that allows attendees to purchase tickets without box office staff and/or check in their tickets.  

Nope! With Sickening Events, we don’t require users to create an account when they purchase tickets. This has led to an increase in ticket conversions. If a customer loses their tickets, all they need is their email address to resend. No accounts required.  

Definitely! We have a list of pre-built reports available for each event, but you can also customize and build your own reports. You can save these reports to pull across any of your events.  

We do! When you become a Sickening Events client, you’ll get access to our Zapier integration which lets you sync your ticketing and event data with any 3rd party available to Zapier.  See More...

No Problem! We see this fairly often, yet a little known fact about these agreements is that they are typically fairly easy to terminate, just take a look at the "Termination" clause. If there is no significant financial obligation, agreements can usually just be terminated in writing with cause. Note: This is not legal advice. 

Sure does! When you become a Sickening Events client, you’ll start at our already-low introductory pricing tier, then after the expected volume is validated (usually about 60 days) we will automatically upgrade you to the lowest fee tier you qualify for! Fees can go as low as 75% off the introductory rate!! Go here for more info on pricing...

Great Question! Within the Sickening Events ecosystem, clients have the ability to add sales tax as a line item on each order. This setting is adjustable to accommodate the different rates in various jurisdictions. These funds are paid out at the same time as the orders. 

Top Event Producers Across The Country Are Doing More with Sickening Events – Why aren't you?

I'd love to show you the platform services and all the ways it can help you do more! Quickly tell me a little more about you and I'll be in touch asap.  

Welcome to Sickening Events, the ticketing and event management platform that's shaking up the industry with its unbeatable savings, private-label branding, unlimited enterprise features, zero marketing fees, and same-day payouts. Whether you're an event organizer, nightclub owner, manager or promoter, bar owner, or music venue owner, Sickening Events is the platform you've been waiting for.

Our platform is built to serve the diverse needs of the LGBT community and beyond. As the only LGBT-owned* event management and ticketing platform in the world, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the market. We're proud to lead the way in offering diverse event registration and ticketing solutions that cater to everyone's needs.

Looking for a gay ticketing platform that genuinely understands your audience? Look no further than Sickening Events. Our drag brunch ticketing platform is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create unforgettable events that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Our ticketing platform for nightclubs and music venues is the best in the business, offering up to 85% savings over our competition, unlimited enterprise features, private-label branding, and zero marketing fees. And with same-day payouts, you can rest assured that your money will be in your account when needed.

So why wait? Sign up for Sickening Events today and join the revolution in event management. With our diverse event ticketing platform and registration solutions, you can create events that resonate with your audience and drive conversions like never before.